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Already have an account with a different web hosting company (or maybe some "free" web space from your ISP)? Then, our Sitebuilder Anywhere service is the perfect choice. 

Now you can put the SiteBuilder to work for you constructing everything from a very simple single page web site up to an eCommerce Catalog Manager web site with hundreds of web pages and thousands of product pages.

All you need are FTP access rights to the web space so SiteBuilder can publish your web site. You may need to contact your current web host or ISP to obtain this information (e.g. FTP host name, FTP username, FTP password & your target web site URL). 

Your FTP access settings will be verified to ensure that they will work correctly, so you can't go wrong. If you don't know a particular setting, just indicate "Unknown".  

There is a one-time setup fee of $15 if you choose pay monthly.

Have questions? Give us a call at (800) 234-3862 or send your question to

Choose Your SiteBuilder Plan 
Select the desired SiteBuilder package. For an eCommerce solution, include the Catalog Manager with your selection.
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FTP Host Name 
When you "Publish" your SiteBuilder site, it will be published using the FTP file transfer protocol to the designated FTP host. This name will usually be the same as your domain name. Enter your FTP host name information here. 

For example: "". If you do not have FTP access to your web site, we invite you to consider opening a ServantHost web hosting plan.

FTP Host Name:

FTP UserName & Password 
Please specify your FTP UserName & Password. This information is necessary to validate & permit the SiteBuilder to publish your web site. The user "anonymous" cannot be used.

User Name:

Web Site Target URL 
Specify location to which SiteBuilder is to publish your web site. If you own the domain, this will likely be the domain name itself (e.g. 

Or, you can choose to publish into a designated folder of the domain which has been assigned to you (e.g. This is normally the case for free or shared web hosting accounts. Be careful to double check for accuracy.

Web Site URL:

Payment Frequency  
You are ordering our "Sitebuilder Anywhere" web site creation package. Please specify if you want to be billed monthly or yearly.
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If you have questions or encounter a problem, please call our 
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